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The Rescue Tails: Fostering for One Love Animal Rescue

Seventy-Five “Tails” of Second Chances

What has four wheels, 75 tails, and rides the interstate! It’s the One Love Animal Rescue (OLAR) van transporting 75 Savannah shelter dogs scheduled for euthanasia on their life-saving escape ride to a cooperating Delaware state no-kill shelter. This successful jailbreak and transport abetted by dedicated OLAR volunteers mean these dogs, who are innocent of all crimes, have no prior records, now have a new “leash” on life. The ASPCA estimates that 390,000 dogs are euthanized each year. This OLAR rescue mission ensures these lucky pups will not be included in this year’s statistics.

The latest OLAR newsletter states, “One Love Animal Rescue works with partnering rescues to move 400-600 cats and dogs out of Savannah each year. We have learned that even with caring for 150-200 animals at a time in our foster care program and adopting 400-500 animals each year, we cannot adopt our way out of overpopulation. Along with our community program that spays and neuters animals in need, Operation Pet Solutions, we hope our transports will ease the burden of homeless animals at least some.”

Two Notes of Appreciation

This year the Tybee Island Mermaid Cottages Vacation Rentals is sponsoring all the OLAR transport costs in honor and memory of community activist Katie Trocheck Abel. Katie passed away earlier this year and was committed to giving back to the local community in various Acts of Kindness. OLAR is grateful for the Mermaid Cottages’ generous donation in Katie’s name.

Tybee Island Mermaid Cottages Supports OLAR


Thank you to the For Love of Paws organization. Their fundraising efforts made it possible to purchase the OLAR rescue van. This super-sized utility van with eye-catching decals makes it possible to transport a large number of rescues with one vehicle in one road trip. The van’s exterior displays images of happy dog faces and serves as a rolling billboard broadcasting the OLAR mission.


OLAR Rescue Transport “We’re On The Road Again!”


My WSAV News3 Interview

I was fortunate to be interviewed about our out-of-state rescue transports by our local news outlet WSAV-TV with reporter Brian Gallagher. Educating the public about local animal welfare efforts is essential to the OLAR mission. Media attention is priceless.


Why Are Local Shelters Overcrowded?

Top Three Factors

Affordable housing tops the list for the uptick of pet surrenders. Currently, many first-time homebuyers are priced out of the housing market due to rising mortgage rates and increased house prices. These factors, in turn, put more demand and competition on securing rental housing. Finding a pet-friendly rental can be challenging. In a robust rental market, landlords do not have to make concessions to accommodate dog owners. Or, if a landlord is willing to accept a dog, the hefty pet deposit fees make these rentals cost prohibitive for many renters. Housing insecurity issues force many dog owners to make the heartrending choice of surrendering their pets to shelters.

Higher pet costs due to current inflation are also a factor in pet surrender numbers. According to Pet Age, a business-to-business pet news company, total pet costs are up 7.1% year-to-date on the Consumer Price Index. Financial constraints on dog owners make it necessary to surrender their dogs to local shelters as other higher living costs take priority.

Pandemic work-from-home options have ended. Dogs who were adopted as companions during the Pandemic when owners spent more time working at home no longer fit into daily routines and lifestyles. Unfortunately, these dogs end up in local shelters as their owners return to offices.


How You Can Help

Foster ~ Adopt ~ Volunteer ~ Donate

Please consider adopting or fostering a dog from one of Savannah’s local animal shelters. If this commitment does not fit your lifestyle, please volunteer at one of the local fundraising or pet adoption events. Follow us on our social media, Facebook and Instagram accounts. For more foster and adoption news, subscribe to the OLAR newsletter “Happy Tails.” You can sign up to receive the newsletter by visiting our OLAR website.

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