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City unveils name for park near Ridgewood subdivision

Hello Ridgewood Park!

Welcome to my Savannah neighborhood where an old park received a new name.

Mr. Rogers isn’t the only one with a neighborhood composed of creative, caring, and engaged residents making positive things happen and enhancing their quality of life. The recently formed Habersham Village Neighborhood Alliance saw a neglected, unnamed park at 66th Street and Atlantic Avenue. With the assistance of the City of Savannah, the Alliance got to work upgrading this diamond in the rough and officially naming it Ridgewood Park.

I reside in this midtown neighborhood and was thrilled to attend the February 9th ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Mayor Van Johnson, District 4 Alderman Nick Palumbo, City Manager Jay Melder, and HVNA President Matthew Hallett. The event included the unveiling of the official Ridgewood Park sign.  Alderman Palumbo says neighbors made this possible by using the City of Savannah’s 311 request system to make the park upgrades and improvements. ( A link to this City of Savannah 311 request form is listed below.)

The City of Savannah acknowledges the park has been in existence since the late 1940′s, yet the City had no record of it actually having a name. District 4 Alderman Nick Palumbo states, “It was originally supposed to be Ridgewood Park for the Ridgewood subdivision. So we went and took it to the Savannah City Council to give it that identity and give it its name and restore its sense of place. Every park in Savannah should have its own identity and have its own name and it was a great rallying cry for neighbors to come together, form a neighborhood association, and continually improve this park.”

The park has been newly renovated. The ramp and park benches have been fixed and there’s new mulch around the playground. Local news Channel WTOC covered the event and posted this report.

Also in attendance at the ribbon-cutting were members of the City of Savannah Police Department. Huge thanks and appreciation for the participation of these vital, hard-working SPD officers for their outreach and support of community events. SPD members included SPD Asst. Chief Gunther, SPD Major R.Gavin, Capt.Tonya Reid, LT C.Talley plus Cpl Barry Lewis and Apo R Helmick, your Neighborhood Resource Officers, SPD Central.

This revitalization and naming of Ridgewood Park is a success story of the Habersham Village Neighborhood Alliance working with the support of local neighbors like myself and the City of Savannah. The HVNA describes itself in these words: “HVNA is a non-profit non-partisan incorporated entity and its purpose is to promote community spirit, common interests, quality of life and protect our neighborhoods.”

The HVNA considers these neighborhoods to be included in their association coalition: Ardmore, Abercorn Heights, Gould Estates, Lamara Heights, Olin Heights, and Ridgewood. However, while these are the designated areas, a visit to the HVNA website and their social media outlets highlights their cooperation and participation with other Savannah neighborhood associations. This cross cooperation combines to make all of the City of Savannah the very enjoyable, desirable place to live that it is.

As a resident of the Ridgewood Park neighborhood and an active Savannah Realtor, I know firsthand the positive impact of neighborhood organizations and the vital role they play in the lives of the residents they represent. Contact me if you would like information about any of the neighborhoods mentioned in this post or any other areas of Savannah that interest you.

To view full story and video on WTOC, please use the link below:

For more information regarding the HVNA please use this link:

City of Savannah 311 Form Request please use this link:

Pam Peterson
Associate Broker
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