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Getting On Board With One Love Animal Rescue: I’m on the Board of Directors!

I am honored to announce my new position as President of The Board of the Savannah area One Love Animal Rescue organization.  My willingness to take on this two-year volunteer position is grounded in my ongoing commitment to animal rescue and the exceptional contribution OLAR provides to our community. Besides myself, the other volunteers that comprise the OLAR  Board are Co-Founder and Chief Executive Director Karrie Bulski, Vice President Christina Dolan, Board Secretary/Grants and Fundraising MaryBeth Deiters, and Treasurer Carl Mesmer. Each of these individuals leads a busy professional life yet still finds time in their schedules to serve OLAR. A dedicated and faithful community of over 200 volunteers who foster, adopt, and donate their time and talents supports the OLAR Board. OLAR could not exist without our volunteers contributing their time, talents and compassion. In conjunction with my OLAR Board service, I will continue my commitment initiated last year to make an OLAR donation every time I close a real estate transaction in my professional role as a Seabolt Real Estate Associate Broker.

Three Reasons Why I Volunteer and Rescue 

  • Real Estate is my profession, but animal rescue is my passion
  • Volunteering creates a work-life balance
  • Volunteering builds a stronger community, increases property values, and enhances the lives of our neediest citizens and animal inhabitants

Other Realtors like myself use their real estate professional profiles to support pet owners and animal rights issues. According to a National Association Of Realtors (NAR) survey, 14% of Realtors volunteer at an organization that helps animals. This same survey states, “Among Realtors who consider themselves animal lovers and volunteer at an animal organization, 13% advertise this to potential clients.” I utilize my social media platforms and marketing plans to reach animal-lover clients. One example is my unique Realtor logo that highlights my “Pet Friendly” focus.

I volunteer because I love animals and because there is such a need in our community. Chatham County has one of the highest euthanasia rates in Georgia. Animal services depend on local rescues like One Love to pull animals from the shelter and find fosters to keep them off the euthanasia list. Not only does volunteering save the lives of dogs and cats, but it’s also extremely gratifying to see pets finding forever homes right here in our community. It brings joy to both the people and the pets!

Four Ways You Can Help One Love Animal Rescue

  • Foster a rescue pet who waits for a forever family
  • Adopt a pet in need of a permanent home
  • Volunteer at one of our community events
  • Donate using our website link

Other Ways To Volunteer In Our Community

If animal rescue is not an area you can include in your life, here is a suggestion for researching other volunteer activities. Our Savannah area community is fortunate to have an active and effective United Way organization. The United Way of the Coastal Empire offers many volunteer opportunities and can match volunteer interests with various community needs. Their website explores ways to contribute to a cause that speaks to you. A link to the United Way of the Coastal Empire website appears at the end of this blog

Thank You For Visiting My Blog

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for animal rescue. Please contact me for more information about the One Love Animal Rescue community or other animal rescue efforts in our area. If you already own pets and would like assistance renting or buying a home that fits your furry family member, I can assist with that too! I’m a Pet-Friendly Realtor!

Pam Peterson
Associate Broker
Seabolt Brokers | Christie’s International Real Estate

M: 912.401.2264

O: 912.233.6609



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