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Animal Rescue: Karl’s adoption story

Animal Rescue: Watch Karl's Adoption Story

Sit! Stay! Watch! My adopted rescue dog, Karl, shines in this WTOC News Morning Break feature story.

WTOC news stories that originate on high-traffic Interstate16 do not always have positive outcomes. Being abandoned and stranded on this busy highway was a lucky break in my rescue dog, Karl’s case. My wife and I were driving home on Interstate 16 when we spotted Karl standing on the highway shoulder. Passionate animal lovers and pet owners, we pulled over, scooped Karl up, addressed his medical needs, and eventually adopted Karl as our newest family member pet. Karl’s feel-good rescue story caught the attention of WTOC reporter Tim Guidera. Karl and I welcomed Tim to my backyard “tiny farm” for an up-close, personal visit to tell Karl’s roadside rescue story. Karl and I are grateful to WTOC news and Tim Guidera for telling Karl’s story. News coverage that brings awareness to animal rescue efforts and local animal rescue organizations is priceless. Watch the video here. It is sure to put a smile on your face!

Anyone who knows me is aware of my commitment to the local pet rescue community. As a Seabolt Real Estate Associate Broker, I donate a portion of my real estate sales to the One Love Animal Rescue (OLAR) organization. In addition to adopting and fostering OLAR rescues, I organize and support OLAR pet adoption events. Chatham Parkway Subaru is a loyal and generous corporate sponsor of OLAR. A recent pet adoption event I organized at their Chatham Parkway location was a huge success. The dealership presented OLAR with an astounding $14,000 check donation to top off the day.

There is an ongoing, critical need for pet fostering and adoption in the Savannah area. OLAR meets this need along with the Humane Society for Greater Savannah and Coastal Pet Rescue. Together these local organizations provide resources for Savannah area homeless pets. Anyone interested in volunteering, fostering, or adopting with these organizations may view opportunities using the links listed in this post. Karl and I would appreciate your support!


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